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pic of mb My name is Matthew Bowser (as the site suggests) I have been teaching for 8 years. 7 in the public school sector and 1 in the private. I hold a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State Universtiy, a B.S. in History and Psychology from Crichton College, an A.A. in Theology from Arlington Baptist College, and an A.S. in Computer Science. I have been at Lowrance Elem. for 6 years and am currently the 8th Grade Social Studies chair.


Click HERE for the Preamble

Click HERE for School House Rock - little Lame...but effective.

Click HERE for Preamble QUIZ GAME

Click HERE for the method of LOCI memorization

Click HERE to read why this CRAP is important....only for advanced readers and thinkers.


10.14.2013 - Click HERE for 13 Colonies Timeline

9.5.13 - CLICK HERE to read the account of COLUMBUS' "DISCOVERY" of America...although he really didn't discover it.

Click HERE for the 1492 poem.

9.4.13 - VIKINGS You are to create a KWL chart on the topic of Vikings. Use the following links to read.

Click here for a eye witness account of the exploration to North America.

Click here for 10 things you didn't know about Vikings


Click HERE for videos about the Middle / Dark Ages